6 Quick tips for a dating profile picture that gets you more responses

Secrets to a great dating profile picture

One of the comments we see quite often in forums or in the chat is people complaining that their profiles are getting very few visits or that they aren’t getting the amount of responses they are expecting.

Quite often the problem is very easy to solve once we point out some of the things they can do to improve in their profile.

One of the biggest problems we have found people have in getting responses is their pictures or the lack thereof.

Here at mynaughtyfriend.com we look at hundreds of new profiles and updated profile pictures each and every day. We are in a very fortunate and unique position that we can see from our dating stats what works and what doesn’t.

Here are our top 6 tips on getting more responses to your profile and your picture.

Tip 1: Post a dating profile picture

Yeah I know, it sounds a bit obvious, but we are still surprised to see that so many people still don’t post a picture on their profile. We know that profiles with pictures get more engagement and interest from other members than profiles without pictures.

Dating profiles with a picture tend to get 5-6 times more responses than those without

The difference in response rate is actually quite amazing. We find that profiles with a picture tend to get 5-6 times more responses than profiles without a picture. So it does pay to actually upload a picture to your profile instead of the standard avatar.

Tip 2: Post a couple of dating profile pictures

Now that you have taken your first step to posting a picture on your profile and you’ve managed to get some interest it won’t harm to post some more.

Once people have seen one picture of you they usually want to see a bit more of you before they click the message button and get in touch. But how many pictures should you post?

If you are a bit of an exhibitionist then the temptation can be great to post a lot of pictures, but this can actually have the opposite effect. People will soon think you are a bit of self obsessed show off and move on to the next person.

We have noticed that profiles with 3-5 pictures get the most responses overall. It seems to be the happy medium to garner enough interest and to make people get in touch with you.

Tip 3: Post pictures of you and only of you

You’ve probably come across these pictures yourself: the group photos or “photo with friend”. Or you’ve clicked through on someone’s profile only to get a picture of two or more people. So who’s profile is it? Is it the sexy one on the right that you quite fancy or is it the ugly minger on the left who you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole?

We know you like to show off our social side on Facebook, but on a dating site this can actually be a bit off putting and won’t get you any dates. Especially not if all the pictures are of you with someone else. People won’t know whose profile it is, they’ll get confused and move on to the next.

This obviously doesn’t apply when you have a profile as a couple. If you are a couple looking for singles or other couples then of course you want to show off what the two of you look like.

Tip 4: Tone down the sexiness

mynaughtyfriend.com may be an adult dating site, but that doesn’t mean that you should put everything on display.

It can be tempted to post very revealing pictures to attract more people, get more likes or get more comments. But keep in mind that even when looking for a fuckbuddy: less is more.

When we do some of our member surveys or look at the people who actually meet up we notice that it is the profiles with pictures that leave a bit to the imagination that are the ones that get the highest response rate.

After all, your profile pictures should get people interested and intrigued about who you are so that they would message you; not give them an idea of what your latest gynaecological examination looked like.

Tip 5: Consider your background

No we don’t suggest you hire a private detective to check up on your history, but we just want to point out to look at where you take your picture.

With increased smartphone use everybody has a camera in their pocket so to speak and we tend to snap more and more pictures of ourselves doing things whenever and wherever without giving too much thought about what is around us.

Believe us when we say that nothing ruins a sexy picture faster than a toilet in the background or a pile of kids toys in the corner. So next time you take a picture you want to use for your profile, make sure that there are no distractions in the background.

Tip 6: Get some help

Ok, we get it. You don’t like your picture being taken, maybe you have a bad case of fotographophobia, which means that your face gets contorted the second you see a camera. Or maybe you are a just bit embarrassed to tell your friends that you are on a dating website and that you need some profile pictures.

Whatever the reason may be if you want to get a nice profile picture we suggest you put the selfie stick away and get somebody to help you.

Pictures which have been taken by someone else from a distance further always make you look better and more flattering than that arms length trout pout.
This is because the person taking the picture takes it the way they see you or how other people would see you and not the way you think you look you best.

So there you have it, these are 6 of our top tips on getting more success with your profile picture.

Why don’t you try them out yourself on your profile and see if you get more responses. If you don’t have a profile yet, then why not sign up today. It is completely free and only takes a few minutes to complete.

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