8 Great ideas for a first date and tips on what to talk about.

1. Take it slow.

Initially, you’ll need to know her better in a one-on-one environment before taking things up a notch. Despite what some websites, dating gurus or tv programmes tell you, succesful dating takes time.That’s why your first date with her should be a relaxed social affair. There shouldn’t be any pressure at all at this point (although a little sexual tension is fine and even expected), so keep things light and fun.

You know the typical scene in a TV show where the leading lady is all flustered over what to wear on the first date? Don’t put your own date in this predicament.

This cliché has been done to death and you should be shaking things up with her. If you want to break the mould, you’re going to have to skip the typical romantic date routine and be innovative.

But how do you do this? Simple really, instead of asking your date out to an expensive restaurant, meet up with her at a casual public place like a coffee shop or a quiet bar.

This is an excellent way to minimize the natural jitters that come with a first date (for both you and her). While you’ll never really get rid of all those fluttering butterflies, you’ll have an easier time focusing on her and have a good time all around.

After all, the point of going on a date is to enjoy her company, and not treat it like it was a job interview where you have to prove yourself to her. Don’t fall into that needy mindset, but keep things light.

Furthermore, innovative first dates like these happen to be very budget-friendly. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should be a cheapskate, but splashing your cash right at the beginning screws up the whole courtship process.

This isn’t about doing the “pulling-out-all-the-stops” kind of stuff, but rather doing them at the right time. In her mind, these things will have way more impact and value if they’re given as a reward rather than something that doesn’t need to be earned.

Besides, romance has a much easier time to blossom when you’re not projecting any expectations.

(I’m not saying though that it’s not possible for the sparks to fly so early on)

In case that it does, your lucky date will feel like it’s the most natural thing in the world because she wasn’t forced into it.

Bottom line: avoid making a huge production out of the first date.

With that said however, going on a low-pressure date doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plant subtle hints of romance in her head.

But we’ll save that for later. Right now, let’s talk about setting up the first date.

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