8 Great ideas for a first date and tips on what to talk about.

4. What to do on a first date?

Once you’ve agreed to a date, it’s time to run you through the basics. As mentioned earlier, you’re going to have to get a head start on creating romantic thoughts swirling in that brain of hers.

The cool thing about the ‘casual’ first date is that you can totally accomplish the said objective under the radar. In such a relaxed context, she won’t know what hit her!

So how do you create this effect? Well, it’s done through the little things.

When I say ‘little’, I’m referring to fleeting little indications that you’re into her. You don’t want to push her away by giving away¬†too¬†much your are interested early on, so you can do it in smaller, bite-sized chunks of subtlety.

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