British woman arrested for taking naked pictures on sacred mountain and accused of causing deadly earthquake

Brits abroad!

The British aren’t exactly renowned for being quiet holiday makers. We have a reputation of party animals and we do like our booze, which often results in us letting our hair down a little bit too much. But it is the British girls in particular who tend to make the headlines for being particularly wild.

Remember Emily Gaythwaite (NSFW) who gave blow jobs to 24 guys in Magaluf for a £4.00 bottle of wine? Or Michelle Palmer who was caught having sex on a sun lounger on beach in Dubai and was jailed for 3 months and deported. Well, it seem we can now add the name of Eleanor Hawkins to this list. Miss Hawkins who together with some friends decided to strip off on a sacred mountain in Malaysia and taking some naked pictures. This allegedly caused an earthquake which killed 18 people according to locals.

Eleanor Hawkins, 24, was with a group of 10 fellow backpackers who climbed to the top of Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia on 30 May. Once they got to the summit they decided to take their clothes off for some celebratory photos (as you do) and didn’t think more of it. Locals allege that the pictures angered the spirits of the mountain after they went viral on social media.

Six days after the tourists took the now infamous naked pictures, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 struck the 13,400ft-high mountain, killing 18 people and leaving hundreds more stranded.

The 24-year-old, who had recently graduated with a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering from Southampton University, was detained on Tuesday at Tawau airport and arrested, as she was flying out from the island of Borneo to the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Three others members of the original mountain climbing party were also arrested on Tuesday after handing themselves in: 23-year-old Canadian Lindsey Peterson and his sister Danielle, 22, and a 23-year-old Dutch man, Dylan Snel.

Other members of the group were still being sought by Malaysian police.

Eleanor Hawkins is by no means the only traveller to ever take a nude selfie. A quick look through some instagram or twitter feeds will show just that there’s an online trend dedicated to doing just that. The only difference is that it looks like more and more people are getting arrested for doing it.

Only last year Cambodia deported two U.S. tourist sisters Lindsey Kate Adams and Leslie Jan Adams for allegedly taking nude pictures at Angkor Archaeological Park after a string of nudity-related incidents hit the religious sites this year.

Have you ever been in trouble abroad while doing something you shouldn’t be doing? Have you taken naked selfies while on holiday and regretted it afterwards? Let us know in the comments we would love to hear you experiences.

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