TANYA TATE the British adult star who is taking over mainstream media by storm

Tanya Tate the crossover trailblazer

Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate in Lace blue dress

It used to be the case that mainstream and porn didn’t mix and stars from either side of the industry couldn’t cross over for fear of their career being jeopardised. Luckily times and morals have changed and more and more adult stars are making a name for themselves in more mainstream media areas.

One of those stars is adult entertainment superstar Tanya Tate. Tanya has recently been making the mainstream media rounds with features on big websites such as MensHealth.com, TheDailyBeast.com and FilthyGorgeousMedia.com. The prolific adult actress/director/sex blogger has a wealth of information for sites looking for exciting articles. After all, if you want to write about sex, who better to ask than someone who has sent men and women’s pulses racing for years.

Menshealth advice

MensHealth.com, asked Tanya to contribute to one of their articles called “6 Porn Stars Reveal The Most Insane Things That Have Happened While Filming“. For that piece, Tanya recollected a wildly amusing story from the set of one of the movies she directed that involved some outrageous behaviour.

“I have my share of interesting stories,” said Tanya. “But there is one in particular that makes my head spin. Fortunately, I didn’t participate, but I was there to witness it. I would advise not to read the article while having lunch!”

Frilly knickers

Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate in a purple basque.

Men’s Health was not the only site that Tanya recently talked to. The Daily Beast also reached out to the multi award winning actress to discuss one of her more popular steams of revenue; selling panties. In their article titled “The Dirty Panties Black Market: Porn Stars Make Big Money Selling Their Underwear to Superfans” Tanya recounts the first time she sold some of her panties and how that differs from the way she sells them now. With panty buying turning into big business, Tanya’s tale makes for an interesting one.

If you fancy the idea of owning a pair of Tanya’s saucy knickers then head over to TanyaTateAuctions.com where you can get your hands on your own.

Social media queen

Tanya is also very active on various social media networks where she can be found personally interacting with her fans on a daily basis. A Twitter account with nearly 400 thousand followers and a Facebook page with likes in the same neighbourhood, Tanya is a proven social media maven. Recently Tanya has also started using other popular networks such as Instagram to reach out to her thousands of fans. It were her pictures on Instagram that caught people’s imagination and landed her among FilthyGorgeousMedia.com’s “10 Of The Sexiest Porn star Instagrams You Need To See“.

The British bombshell has a tendency to show off her toned porn star perfect body so she had to tone some of her pictures down or cover some parts of her pictures up so that they would meet Instagram standards. Nevertheless the thousands of followers of her account can still see some scorching hot pictures of the gorgeous Liverpudlian to get them in the mood. If you want to check them out for yourself then Tanya Tate can be followed on Instagram at instagram.com/TanyaTate.

Cosplay fantasy

Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate as Emma Frost

One of the things that some of her fans may not be aware of is that Tanya is also an avid cosplayer and sci-fi geek. She regularly makes appearances in her amazing outfits at comic and sci-fi conventions like San Diego’s Comicon or LA’s Power Con. She also reviews toys and collectibles and has even been immortalised in her own vinyl figure from myherotoys.com as Lady Titan.

Lady Titan is the heroine in the upcoming comic book by Tanya Tate and Alexander Raymond who gets her powers from her figure hugging costume. Lady Titan fights an on-going battle against evil doers in Studio City. While her powers are formidable, Lady Titan has not yet mastered them which makes saving the city a challenge.

Lady Titan was designed as homage to the spandex super heroines of retro television, but with a fun updated twist.

So there you have it; from wild stories off the set to the selling of frilly knickers, mainstream media outlets tap Tanya Tate for her wealth of knowledge!

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